Business Writing Skills Course

This Business Writing course has been developed to help business people learn the skills and techniques that are necessary to write an accomplished report, business letter and email. This course not only incorporates the format of writing, but even more importantly, a grammar component, as well as the psychology informing writing.

This course, unlike most soft-skills courses, takes place over a period of five days, for only three hours a day. The course can be held over 2 full days, but we recommend the 5-day option.

Basic Course Outline:

  • The importance of Business writing and how perceptions are formed of your English business language ability
  • The importance of using Plain Language and understanding the Communication chain
  • How writing affects people’s perceptions
  • How writing can improve business
  • Format of emails, business letters and reports

Benefits and Outcomes:         

    By the end of the course, the learner will be able to:

  • master the fundamentals of business and report writing skills
  • promote clear and unambiguous communication in plain language
  • improve the quality of written reports and other texts specific to the business environment
  • know how to keep the attention of the reader by including important information
  • use grammar structures and conventions to convey the message effectively
  • establish objectives by identifying the intended audience
  • recognize and use textual conventions in a professional manner


Mission statement

SmartWorx Training is a national corporate training provider of English, and guide in business instruction and training. We offer executive training solutions to front and back of house employees.

Our Mission is to empower, train, enhance and cultivate business professionals by providing learners with a platform whereby they have the tools to advance both their careers and social environment, in terms of both commitment and performance. Language and culture both play a vital role in the South African context, on which SmartWorx Training focuses in our courses, through a process that is both enjoyable and enlightening. We strive to have our learners ultimately communicating effectively in the English language by having taken ownership of their career advancement.

About Us

SmartWorx Training is a company that develops and facilitates programmes and soft-skills courses relating to English communication, verbal and written, in the social and business environment. We also offer communication, telephone, time management, presentation, and telephone skills courses.



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