ABET (Adult Basic Education Training)

SmartWorx offers short-term ABET classes for individuals who did not complete matric and would like to improve their English communication skills. These Adult Basic Educational Training classes are offered in-house for the full 120-hour course, at companies that wish to assist with their employees’ literacy. This course is a preparation course and once completed SmartWorx Training can register candidates for the exams through an accredited school. For bookings, call 072 345 7520 or send us an email.

This course takes place for 4 hours daily for 6 weeks, or 2 hours daily for 12 weeks (Monday – Friday), but can be amended according to the company’s needs. Shorter courses of 48 hours are optional. 

Basic Course Outline, which will differ depending on level:

  • Communicating effectively using both visual and language skills in order to improve their oral and written English skills
  • Learning the letters of the alphabet and being able to distinguish them
  • Studying punctuation and paragraphing and how to write sentences
  • Basic sentence structure explaining Subject, Verb and Object
  • Parts of speech and the role they play in writing effectively
  • Collecting and evaluating information
  • Understanding body language and cultural differences practiced in the workplace

Benefits and Outcomes:         

    By the end of the course the learner will be able to:

  • understand the world based on a set of related systems
  • communicate effectively depending on their level, using simple and concise language
  • be aware of the importance of the spoken and written word
  • explore and strategise in order to learn more effectively
  • use grammatical structures in order to write competent sentences
  • get a message accross
  • explore education and career opportunities
  • be culturally and aesthetically sensitive across a range of social contexts

Mission statement

SmartWorx Training is a national corporate training provider of English, and guide in business instruction and training. We offer executive training solutions to front and back of house employees.

Our Mission is to empower, train, enhance and cultivate business professionals by providing learners with a platform whereby they have the tools to advance both their careers and social environment, in terms of both commitment and performance. Language and culture both play a vital role in the South African context, on which SmartWorx Training focuses in our courses, through a process that is both enjoyable and enlightening. We strive to have our learners ultimately communicating effectively in the English language by having taken ownership of their career advancement.

About Us

SmartWorx Training is a company that develops and facilitates programmes and soft-skills courses relating to English communication, verbal and written, in the social and business environment. We also offer communication, telephone, time management, presentation, and telephone skills courses.



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