If you’re looking for a training institution that offers SAQA Accredited English Courses in Johannesburg, contact Smartworx Training today. There are many advantages to taking a general English course, and it is advised for anyone who wishes to sharpen their fluency in English for today’s competitive business environment.

General English courses have been developed for this purpose, as reading, writing, listening and speaking are main skills used within any business environment. Should you need more information about our English courses in Johannesburg, or would like to book your course, contact Smartworx Training today. We offer a number of courses to choose from, to fit your specific need.

Advantages of taking English courses from Smartworx Training

Studying with a credible training institution can offer many benefits, of which the following are the most important:

  • English is the most widely spoken language, and is the most important language in the world’s business environment. By studying English through an accredited training institute in Johannesburg, you will learn how to communicate on various business levels and platforms, which will enhance your English and business capabilities immensely. You will learn the basics of effective communication, such as speaking and writing clearly and comprehensively. The ability to speak and write English fluently, will also create more employment opportunities for an individual, as it will surely give you a competitive advantage above other applicants. More detail about the General English Course.
  • Upon completion of our general English course, you will feel more self-assured with enhanced language capabilities, and feel more comfortable in the business environment. Eliminate the communication road blocks that are preventing you from becoming a successful businessman with general English courses in Johannesburg at Smartworx Training.
  • You will learn how to appropriately answer questions and respond, and better understand information given to you.
  • When it comes to technology, a comprehensive understanding of the English language is often required for software programmes, manuals and more. Studying the English language can be greatly beneficial in this regard.
  • The content of our English courses cover essential every-day and work-related areas, such as writing letters and emails, communicating with colleagues and clients, telephonic conversations, doing presentations, participating in meetings and more. Find out which English courses at Smartworx Training are more suitable for your specific needs.  

General English Course offered by Smartworx Training

All our courses can be structured to fit the needs of an individual, depending on the level of English capabilities. The basic course outline of our General English Course offered in Johannesburg includes:

  • Parts of speech, tenses and how grammar affects communication: You learn how to use these silent laws that dictate how we assemble words in the correct order, ensuring the correct meaning.
  • You will learn the importance of tense and how it changes meaning of sentences.
  • The difference between active and passive speech.
  • Learn how to use modal verbs and how they affect the connotation of the message, a big step toward English fluency.
  • Pronunciation and the phonetic alphabet (how to spell words over the phone).
  • How to enhance your listening and reading skills in order to communicate effectively be it personally or in the business environment.

Contact Smartworx training today for more information about Our General English Course in Johannesburg.


Business Writing Skills Course offered by Smartworx Training

The basic outlines of our business writing skill course includes:

  • The importance of Business writing and how perceptions are formed of your English business language ability.
  • The importance of using Plain Language and understanding the communication chain.
  • How writing affects people’s perceptions.
  • How writing can improve business: A Business Writing Skills Course can improve your business immensely by improving your business documentation, and adding a sense of credibility and professionalism.
  • The correct format of emails, business letters and reports to portray professional communication skills.

If you are in a position that requires the compilation of certain business documents, contracts, writing emails and more, then a Business Writing Skills Course is ideal for you. You will learn the skill of writing various business documents and letters, and to improve your overall business communication. Improved skills will also speed up the time it takes to write business documents and good business writing will also result in your ideas being better understood.

Let Smartworx Training help you to develop a more professional business writing style with our General English Language course available in Johannesburg.

Other suitable courses on offer from Smartworx Training

We offer a number of other business related courses for you to choose from:

Should the course you require not be in the list above, you can contact us to find out if we have it on offer.

Smartworx Training can also quote you on groups of 6 candidates or more, in order to cater to your corporate requirements and needs. Our unique training methods will encourages and enhance you or your employees’ abilities, resulting in a more confident individual when communicating in English. Contact Smartworx Training today to enquire about any of our English courses on offer in Johannesburg.

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We offer a variety of courses so feel free to enquire if you do not see the course you require listed

Mission statement

SmartWorx Training is a national corporate training provider of English, and guide in business instruction and training. We offer executive training solutions to front and back of house employees.

Our Mission is to empower, train, enhance and cultivate business professionals by providing learners with a platform whereby they have the tools to advance both their careers and social environment, in terms of both commitment and performance. Language and culture both play a vital role in the South African context, on which SmartWorx Training focuses in our courses, through a process that is both enjoyable and enlightening. We strive to have our learners ultimately communicating effectively in the English language by having taken ownership of their career advancement.

About Us

SmartWorx Training is a company that develops and facilitates programmes and soft-skills courses relating to English communication, verbal and written, in the social and business environment. We also offer communication, telephone, time management, presentation, and telephone skills courses.



SmartWorx Training is a national corporate training provider of English, and guide in business instruction and training. We offer executive training solutions to upper, middle, front and back of house employees.